Our Passion

In the process of living this amazing life God has given me as a leader, journalist, pastor, wife, and mother, I started believing I’d made too many mistakes to make a difference. I let life’s inevitable setbacks steal my confidence. Today, I’m learning to trust again daily that who I am is beautiful, acceptable, worthy, and powerful. My passion is to cultivate this inner knowing and guide others to do the same… in service of making imperfect progress and becoming our best selves to bring glory to the one who made us.

God has carried Sean and me through some difficult times. But we’re learning that we create much of our own suffering and we’re learning how to embrace the trials as a part of an abundant, adventure-filled life. One of our favorite things now is helping others pray and plan through their challenges while still holding on to God’s promises. In my work in communications and outreach, I’m inspired by the work God is doing through many non-profits and small businesses. I’m committed to sharing what I’ve learned and to guiding others to becoming their most powerful selves and teams.


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