Acceptance and appreciation🎈

t's my birthday MONTH 🎁 And I'm celebrating. All day. Every day.

My husband scoffed when I mentioned I'd be celebrating my birthday all month long. I get it. He knows I'd love to buy myself a new gift every day. But I'm not doing that. Instead, I am allowing myself to adopt a more spacious and gracious attitude about my life, now. Would a more open attitude help you in this season? Let's talk about it.

What clients and I are talking about these days...

Learning to fully accept ourselves
The question was: "What's my relationship with food?" And I shared my experience learning to heal myself in this season. I'm spending ten minutes in front of the mirror. Fully clothed. And then speaking love, kindness, and acceptance over myself. Yes. It's uncomfortable. But it's working. Next step. Doing the same thing naked. Not kidding. If God says I'm fearfully and wonderfully made and I'm fully known and fully loved I'd better start figuring out a way to believe what he says.😍

Learning when to apologize, and when to say thank you
Sometimes, it's important to say "Thank you." Sometimes it's really necessary to apologize. Here's the actual 5-step apology I shared with a friend this week:"I'm sorry I let my feelings of inadequacy as a friend and leader ooze over onto you. Will you forgive me? I'm learning I don't have to beat myself up for my imperfections. But it's a hard habit to break. I'm learning to embrace my own in-between. Will you hold me accountable to this learning? Is there anything else I need to apologize for?"

Learning to breathe first, then respond
I've got a teenaged boy and a preteen boy in my house. So anger and frustration can erupt quickly. Meditation and silence (not the broody, neglectful kind, but the thoughtful, prayerful kind) are my go-to's for helping me respond, rather than react to all the opportunities for crazy. I'm sending new clients a free 10-minute meditation. Share this email with a friend and I'll send you both one. Happy July! 🍉

Where does she get this stuff from? Interested in knowing more?

Some of the content above comes from books I'm reading right now.

Relactional Leadership by Ford Taylor

True Happiness by Dr. Mark Atkinson

Poustinia by Catherine Doherty

Tonia Lyon