😴Sleep now?! How?

Get Better Sleep

It's ten days to Christmas 😱and I know you've got a list a mile long.That's why (as your friend and coach) I'm reminding you to make time to breathe and rest.I see you. Giving me that look.Just like Asher's Christmas tough-guy look below👇🏼


3 sleep strategies to fuel your full holiday season

Strategy 1: Stick to the routineIt's easy to trend towards staying up later and sleeping in, and while this is okay occasionally, research shows keeping a consistent sleep schedule will reap rewards.

Strategy 2: Track your sleepWe started using this Sleep Cycle alarm clock app, and it's fascinating and fun. Set the alarm and place it on your mattress (make sure you're in airplane mode). It will wake you when you're at the top of a sleep cycle so you awaken feeling more rested. Track for at least a week to get a sense of the quality of your sleep.

Strategy 3: Eat some fish 🐠So, I'll bet that one caught you by surprise. The omega 3's in low-mercury fish and seafood are healthy fats that eaten at dinnertime will actually improve your sleep quality. More fat keeps your energy level stable longer, and it takes energy to sleep efficiently. See more great sleep hacks here.

Anne Gaines