💥New Year, New Habits

Listening to ourselves

When asked recently to do a workshop on 'self care' for the new Community Matters Cafe Team at Charlotte Rescue Mission, my insides twisted. I felt like I was just about the last person qualified to teach on the subject. 
I've spent much of my life addicted to busy-ness, addicted to over-doing and over-caring, and I've had a nasty habit of trying to manage and control just about every thing in my life. But God brought me gently to the end of myself. If you're at the end of yourself too, take heart. 💙 We're in good company.

Three New Habits to Try On in the New Year

A new way of thinking - Reflection
Instead of ruminating on the mistakes we've made, we can make a decision to reflect instead. You have made good decisions, you have strengths, and there are people in your corner. This might be a great time to explore a whole new aspect of who you are. Anybody want to join me for Improv, piano, or poetry? (Yes, and 😃) 

A new way of being - Silence
Research shows silence is good for your brain. Quiet can have a profound effect on your body and your mind. Though we can't bring silence to every corner of our noisy, busy lives, we can create space for quiet. Try just three minutes a day to start and feel the impact of your weary brain regenerating.

A new way of listening - Kindness
This past weekend my Pastor, Steven Furtick preached a message called "Flip It." He always asks the best questions to get me thinking about what I'm thinking about. Sometimes, listening to myself reveals things I didn't even know were there - things like fear, insecurity, or frustration. Try listening to yourself (with curiosity and kindness) this week. And then let's talk about it together.


Anne Gaines