LOVE IS😍Asking for help.

Still on the topic of giving and receiving love... Will you help?

I hate rejection. And not knowing just what to do during this whole Valentine's Day season leaves me feeling rejected and unloved. So I'm fighting back with an idea with my friend Kent Youngstrom. We'll call it Painting and Poetry over lunch this coming Monday, February 11.More details to come.
Sean and I are going to be grandparents. Congratulations Kira and Charles!So if you've got advice on that I'd LOVE to hear it.
And still fighting against this rejection thing.(If you struggle with this, too join me in the Rejection Therapy Challenge)I've been invited to participate in a Transforming Community and would love it if you'd consider a gift to help me get there. I promise to bring back great tips to help you grow and be sustained in your leadership.


Anne Gaines