Let's build ❤️a culture of love

Giving and Receiving 😍

Recently I've been reflecting on the idea that all mental ill-health may be connected to our ability to give and receive love. And that if together we can build loving communities, we can actually heal ourselves. See more here.

3 ways to build a culture of Love

Get emotional. Get curious. Be kind.
Let's stop shelving difficult emotions in 2019. Neuroscientist Dr. Caroline Leaf says, "People living in a love identity don't have envy or jealousy and they don't discriminate or see difference as a value judgment - they are inclusive." So if I'm struggling with any of these difficult emotions I can recognize them, treat myself with curiosity and kindness, and do the emotional work to get to the root of them.


Serve with someone you love
Research shows helping others can actually heal our brains. I'll be at an Elevation Outreach LOVEWeekend event this Friday at 3:00pm.


Give (and receive) uncomfortably long hugs
We can build a culture of love by hugging each other longer, and more often. Hugging releases Oxytocin - AKA the "cuddle hormone." Women release oxytocin after a 3-second hug. Men release it after a 6-second hug. What if we started a hug revolution in February and snapped a pic of a hug in progress?


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Anne Gaines