Come Out

When Pastor @stevenfurtick preached #SavageJesus“Dysfunctional Comfort” this weekend I wondered what habit I needed to break.

I used to tell stories for a living but sitting under Pastor Steven’s teaching and studying the bible for myself I realized I was often asking the wrong questions and elevating the wrong things. In the process, I stopped trusting my own voice. I’ve been reluctant to share much more than surface-level stuff because although I’m trying to follow Jesus and lead people as best I can - I know how messed up I still am - so it’s more comfortable to play it safe with hypey posts about the great work God is doing through our church than to get very personal.

But God is asking more of me - and maybe he’s asking more of you, too. These photos show what it’s really like on any given Sunday at @elevationchurch. I had the opportunity to encourage, challenge, and comfort a young guest with the biblical truth of God’s word. We love each other’s kids. We share stories of God’s faithfulness. And we give generously to the work God has called us to do. The smiles and the sense of teamwork and community are very real. I’d love to invite you to sit with me this Wednesday night for MDWK and experience it for yourself.

I’ve been hiding a little I guess. In plain sight. If you hide sometimes too I’d like to pray for you.

“Surely God is my help; the Lord is the one who sustains me.”
‭‭Psalm‬ ‭54:4‬

Anne Gaines