You're a Super💪🏼Hero

Choose to believe the truth

While traveling this past weekend in Austin for a coaching workshop so I could bring new skills to our work together, I had a wonderful remembering.

I am approved.

I am accepted.

I am a superhero.

And so are you.

The message came from an unexpected source...

Stay focused on the helpful signsThe sign above was on a building on what could have been described as the "wrong side of the tracks" in East Austin, Texas. The sun was rising. It was beautiful. But I got distracted for a moment by all the birds on the wires above my head. I didn't want to get do-do'd on (for the third time in my life) so I sort of scurried along after snapping the pic. Later that day, a kind, young, thoughtful TSA agent asked me the simple and polite "What do you do for a living" question that's not so easy for me to answer. After my complex "I'm doing a lot of things on the way to becoming my best self" answer, he responded, "Ohhh.. you're a superhero."

Give yourself permission to be imperfect
Listen, you're a superhero too. You manage a lot of tasks and relationships and you get things done. The problem is, we tend to stay focused too long on our losses while forgetting our wins. There's science that proves we can switch on our brains in a new way by being mindful, appreciative, and by giving ourselves permission to be (human) imperfect.

Let's keep working towards your goals
We told ourselves 2019 would be different. We said this would be the year we became more healed, whole, and fully awake and alive human beings. You are approved and accepted. Let's keep journeying together.

Anne Gaines